Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Door Decor

Use these personalized pumpkins on your classroom door or bulletin boards. Just email your class list (first names only) to, and I'll personalize these pumpkins for your class and post them in my TPT store for you. After students color, laminate and display. $5.00

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Make a Class Apple Orchard!

·       Your little ones will fall for sponging and finger-painting with this simple autumn art project!

Day 1
·         A shallow container of green tempera paint
·         Damp sponges to use with the green tempera paint
·         Green and brown crayons
Day 2
·         A shallow container of red finger-paint
·         Crayons

Choose an area in your room, such as your guided reading table, where you can invite small groups to take turns painting. Cut a regular size sponge into fourths, so it is just right for little hands and for making “leaves”. Put your sponges in a plastic baggie ahead of time and dampen with water. Prepare your paint containers (or use paper plates) and be sure to have paper towels on hand.

1.     After passing out white construction paper to your students, model drawing a tree trunk with a brown crayon. Encourage students to draw some branches and add grass to the bottom of the page with a green crayon. Remind students they’ll use the green paint for leaves.
2.    As the class is working the tree trunk and grass, call several students at a time to complete the painting in the area you have set up for 4-5 students to paint at a time.
3.    At the paint center, students will gently dab a sponge into the green paint and press it down on their paper to make the leaves. Make one along with them, so they can see how you overlap the sponge prints.
4.    Allow green trees to dry overnight.
5.    The next day at the paint center, students can press one finger into the red paint and dot their tree with “apples” to make an apple tree. While students take turns visiting the paint center, encourage them to use crayons to add a sun, sky, etc. to make the background for their apple tree.
6.    Display all autumn long with the title, “Mrs. ________’s Orchard”

 *You could use colors like orange, red, and yellow and eliminate the apples to make a fall tree in just one day.*

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Add and Write Math Worksheets

Preview this 16 page book of basic addition worksheets at The worksheets are formatted to give your students the repetition they need to master these first math facts that make sums up to nine. There is also space for your little ones to practice writing the number word, after solving the fact. I'm working on the next book now...sums to twenty!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Download these Happy Halloween bookmarks at Give them to your students to use all month long AND use them as water bottle labels at your class Halloween party! Just peel off the wrapper of a plastic water bottle, wrap these around them instead, and secure with clear tape.

Introducing Arsty-Smartsy!

This is a new series that integrates reading, handwriting, and art in a format that is perfect for early elementary classrooms. There will be a book for every month of the school year with printables for students to complete during morning work, literacy center time, or in small groups.

As students complete the pages throughout the month, they will be writing a small part of the monthly story with each page. Have them save their completed pages in an "Artsy-Smartsy" Folder. At the end of each month, you can help them bind the pages together with ribbon (or just staple) to create a special book of their writing and artwork that they will be able to read all by themselves with tons of confidence!

You can save one book from the beginning of the school year, the middle, and the end of the year to have an authentic work sample that shows each student's handwriting progress and creative growth throughout the year!

I go into more detail about how to use the printables, assessment, etc. in the first few pages of the book. Just let me know if you have questions. In the meantime, I'll be working on Artsy-Smartsy, November!! You can preview and download the book in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I love this cute calendar! I added numbers to make one for can download this blank version at

Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Sweet Behavior" Bulletin Board

Here's a bulletin board idea to positively reinforce SWEET BEHAVIOR! You can purchase the Carson-Dellosa ice-cream scoops and cones in a pack of 36 for around 5.00 at your local teacher store. My bulletin board background is light pink butcher paper with a Carson-Dellosa blue sprinkles bulletin board border. (You can download the letter I sent home to parents explaining my classroom management plan on Teachers Pay Teachers. Search: "Be The Best You Can Be! Behavior Management Letter to Parents", The Crafty Schoolgirl)

  • Use a black permanent marker to write student numbers on each cone to keep it confidential. By using numbers instead of names, you can use this bulletin board year after year. (Without laminating, mine survived two!)
  • Put all the scoops in a little basket near the bulletin board. 
  • Whenever you'd like to reward a student, he or she can choose a scoop to add to their ice cream cone. My second graders were able to use clear push pins to add the scoops by themselves. Once a student earns 3 scoops, let him choose a little treat (pencil, candy, homework pass, etc.) and return the 3 scoops to the basket. My students LOVED building their ice-cream cones again and again, and were always thrilled to add their favorite flavors!  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hi there! I'm so excited to create this blog as a place to organize and share fun things I've created for K-2 classrooms. I'll also be opening up a Teachers Pay Teachers store in the next few days where you can download great activities and printables!