Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine
1.    Come into the classroom quietly, and sit on the rug.
2.   Wait until your teacher invites you to unpack.
3.  When it’s your turn, UNPACK BOOK BAG at your desk.
4.  Put BOOK BAG, LUNCH, and COAT neatly in your cubby.
6.   Put your homework in the HOMEWORK BASKET.
7.   Put anything for the teacher in the NOTES FROM HOME BASKET, and then put your folder neatly in your desk.
8.   Get two sharpened pencils to put on your nametag.
9.   Begin the Morning Work that is waiting on your desk.
10. Stay quiet and focused on getting ready for your GREAT DAY!

Create a large poster to hang in your classroom to remind students how to begin their mornings in a quiet and consistent way.  Go over the Morning Routine poster as a class, and be sure to go over your expectations for each step.

When you’re ready to implement the Morning Routine, take attendance as you invite students to unpack, and inquire about lunch per each student. Once students master these ten simple steps, you may choose to play music softly in the background to help keep mornings happy and calm.

Be ready for Birthdays!

Birthday Bucket
Decorate a small bucket, so it’s a special “Birthday Bucket” that holds a variety of Happy Birthday pencils. Write or type a special birthday message onto address-sized sticky mailing labels. Then, make little tags by wrapping the labels around each pencil. You can do this at the beginning of each school year, so your Birthday Bucket is always filled with happy wishes!